Friday, July 4, 2008

Physics being a Market FAILure!

Ok firstly, let us analyse physics as a market failure!
Now Physics is one of the 3 classifications of science... At least in JC >.>~ But how can a science be related to an art subject called Econs?! Like Market Failure and Physics?! Mmm... You'll see in a while!
Ok! So lets start, The nature of that good is a DEMERIT good! Why? It is considered by students that the amount of physics homework we do is being OVERproduced and the amount we're forced to do and complete assignment is OVERconsumed! HA! Why?! Duh... Info failure and Negative Externalities in CONSUMPTION!!!! xD!!!!

Firstly, Info failure! How? See in physics we learn about forces, sooooo.... there are EXTERNAL forces interfering in our everyday life! And like when we think of physics, this external force will like disrupt our brainwaves and we will start getting this thing called "Stress". Although Physics is a subject to score A, our teachers and parents only appreciate the short-term benefit of an A which is getting into a university of high calibure. However, they do not see the LONG TERM effect of this! When we have stress, our body will react and we will naturally do some things which tend to go overboard >.> ie "Contemplating suicide". Omg! So if too much of these stress is accumulated over a period of time, we will eventually start experiencing such side-effects, HENCE, the LT effect is wayyy more harmful than the ST effect, we only have 1 life! So if its wasted due to the stress from getting A for Physics, then like duh, its gone forever.

Secondly, Negative externality in consumption. When we consume knowledge of such goods called Physics Assignments and papers, we will of course experience stress! Now, when you are overloaded with homework and cannot finish on time, what will your primal instinct tell you? COPY!!! So when we copy other 3rd party's homework, there is MORE energy wasted in the stress of trying to find a valid source to copy, not forgetting our stress we started off initially, thus there is an incurred healthcare cost because in the LT effect we will suffer stress-related illness. Furthermore, 3rd parties will also have to do more work! They have to undergo the process of thinking on how to do the work and by just giving away their answers like that, they do not get compensated for the amount of effort placed into the homework. Hence, they also incur more healthcare cost because of the stress from work! They will also incur more healthcare cost when you keep bugging them for hw answer and they'll be like AGRH!!! So they have to undergo anger management course and take pills to suppress this anger... More cost incurred!

In conclusion, Physics is a DEMERIT GOOD! And is causing our workforce to deteriorate in terms of effectiveness because of too much stress(-ve ext. in consumption), so we indeed need someone of higher authority to intervene and correct this market failure! Haha!!!

Yours truly wrote this >.>!~

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