Sunday, July 20, 2008

because i am just as bored as david,

1) it is a subject everyone takes
2) it is a demerit good (people overestimate the benifits of economics and therefore take up the subject. only to regret.)
3) you destroy the joy in society
4) you generage -ve ext in consumption.. (should be doing your chemistry tutorial instead of typing this. affects chemistry grades)
5) ... don't understand this point david
6) you can be an economics teacher when people mock at you for being chio and hot
7) we can all be economists and no one takes up other jobs
8) you can supply economics textbooks but how many students actually own a john sloman? i think im the only one who bought -.- . the government should be giving direct provision of economics notes/textbooks
9) knowing about cep doesn't mean you can fix it just like that.. price mechanism is important...
10) almost everyone takes economics, so you don't own that many people as opposed to taking something like fine arts
11) she doesn't allow us to flip her slides.. only she has the fun of flipping the slides
12) hmm... yak o.o
13) after you've learnt the definition of monopoly, you realise that you suck at the game monopoly cos most of the time you don't monopolise the whole board
14) the rich wouldn't care about your horrible essays. inequity will always be present in every society, you can't stop it, you can only reduce the Gini index... i mean look at China..
15) it is very hard to make the price of your employment extremely inelastic or perfectly even.
16) what the heck?
17) econs = econs sand = rock sio2 silicion(iv) oxide
18) love your economics as you love the grade you got for it
19) you cannot annoy people who abuse you by spamming econs concepts at them because they wouldn't understand a shit you typed
20) dao people= unfriendly not equals cannot laugh-.- its not a biggie if someone dao laughs -.-
21) econs lame jokes aren't that lame
22) ... damn i suck at this
23) tax is a compulsary payment to MR KNOW IT ALL and then some get transfered to subsidies to you.. in the end you still get taxed.all you can hope for is progressive tax and means testing benifits.. then again you have to be poor to qualify
24) legislations are blunt instruments as compared to market based solutions
25) alright you won point 2... i want a free luler..
26) my englang ish still sucxs worhx
27) laughing is contagious as it is advantagious hahahahahaha hohohohohoho heehehehehe... -.-
28) your hand learns to not bother writing/ copying answers because they're printed for you
29) your econs tutor will always be dissapointed in you no matter what
30) get a life .

in any case, love econs, do your case study.. apparently i was the only one who did the case study -.-

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