Sunday, July 20, 2008

More econs?

I have no idea what i am doing, these hands are merely carrying out the order of the mindzzz

Reasons to do econs:
1) It is a fun subject
2) It is a merit good
3) You help society by fixing info failure
4) You generate +ve ext. in consumption
5) You contribute to our economy har har...
6) You can be an economics teacher (lyk SO FUN)
7) You can be an economist yourself
8) You can supply economics and create demand for your employment
9) You can fix the Central Economic Problem by 1/6billion by offering yourself to cure scarcity
10) You can own non-economics students
11) You can flip the slide a lot...
12) You can yak at ppl
13) You can make a monopoly product and dominate the product or even the world (BWAHAHA)
14) You can stop inequity by spamming the rich with ur wonderful essays
15) You can make the price of your employment extremely inelastic or perfectly even...
16) No one can substitute your level of intelligent making you perfectly inelastic
17) Econs just rocks
18) Love your economics as you love... umm... everything?
19) You can annoy ppl who abuse you by spamming econs concepts at them
20) Daoist cant help but laugh at your econs jokes
21) LAME JOKES ARE GOOD FOR UR HEALTH!!! Esp econs lame jokes (+ve ext. in production)
22) You can impose a cost on the production of your economic concepts
23) You can tax ppl and use the money to subsidise for your own use HAHA!!!!
24) Make many legistrations!
25) You get to use the Luler(ruler) to draw nice graphs
26) Your england improofs alot
27) You get free laughter
28) Your hand learns to write faster but maybe uglier? :x
29) Your econs tutor will be very proud of you :DDDDDDD
30) Getting an A for econs is nothing, Just Love it (Economics version of Nike-Adidas

Love Econs OK?! DO YOUR CASE STUDY!!!!! XD

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