Monday, August 11, 2008

be yourself day plus donations

hello all,

our theme for be yourself day will only be confirmed on wednesday 13/8, but you can start looking for your outfits to wear on that day. if you still don't know, our theme is HARRY POTTER. if you're unsure of the character you've been assigned, please check with shahnaz. i'll get the list up here asap.

btw be yourself day is on 29/8, in conjunction with teacher's day celebrations. =)

and just to inform you guys beforehand, there'll be a donation collection coming along next week. ok i know everyone just parted with $40 last week, but please try to contribute k!

PS: i'm putting this here so that you guys won't go "wah lau" when i pass the donation envelope around on tuesday. =x

PPS: there's a list of volunteering opportunities available on isis for aug-oct. go take a look if you're interested in doing some CIP.

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