Monday, May 5, 2008

haha,this is a dumb funny video which wee kang sent me,hav sum fun(or not) watching it.

this is our class' 1st bday bash in 08s104,but 2 bad not enough participation,next time more attendence required.

Jun Jia caught sleeping(1st warning)

haha,Jun Jia caught sleeping 2nd time,but no 2nd warning,cuz he sleeps so sweetly the teachers cant bear 2 scold him.

muggers caught doing their maths tut at the last min.well,wat else can they do?go in 4 maths tut without their hw?no way......

and.....finally,mark portraying a particular sum1 in our class,its up 2 u 2 guess who that is.he looks pretty funny,i guess,since hes got nice hair but a dumb face.ccredits goes to mark,who is brave enough 2 pose 4 this pic,and me,who post this pic.


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